Coconut Coffee

You can hide the fact that you’re bitter
But you can’t hide the fact that you’re a liar
Because once you send words out into the air,
They’re out for everyone to see.

Remember the broken smiles I lent you
And the half-baked truths I brought to your door
When you decide to leave me
For good.
It’s a lot better than
Trying to hold on to things that don’t exist,
Like reading letters that crumble to dust
At the slightest touch.

Thanks for everything and nothing all at the same time
Because what I remember is the way you poured coffee
To try and keep me up and running
Long after my light went out.
They say that once
A person loses their will to live,
There’s no reversing the wheel.
But you’ve proven me wrong in the way
That you keep your feelings going
Because I seriously thought that you were over it
And over me.
But of course,
You keep calling “time-out”s
On having to answer questions
Just to keep playing the game
That you think you’ve won.

Coconut Coffee

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