Get a Grip

We have so much history
I could probably write a textbook on
What happened to us.
But I’d have to do it alone
Because unfortunately-
I’m the only one who remembers around here.

I know so well that you
Since then,
Have never paid attention to me
As you also fail to do now.

I’m laughing at the fact that you
Wait for the rain to fall
When I could just bring storm clouds from across the country
Into your bedroom and straight into
Your heart.

But blind men can’t see
And idiots can’t understand the basics,
And unfortunately
You happen to be both.
Thank God for the things that never happened
And thank the Devil for
The evils that will.

The one thing that you will understand
Is how much you’ll miss a person you never had.
It’s all a part of love, baby-
And that’s one thing that we can all feel,
Unless we’re talking about you.

Get a Grip

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