He Who

He who offered up these last words to me
As a dying sacrifice,
He who lent me his hand
As a last way to say
“Thank you.”
And it boggles my mind to think that
Someone this important to me
Had been someone I forgot existed.
And I’m scared to see that we are relapsing into a stage of
Strangers again.

There are so many ways to say “I love you”
But there are so many more ways
To say goodbye,
And the way that these words are eaten up by the distance between us
Doesn’t help the fact that we will soon
Run out of reasons to talk.

I wish there was another way to profess my love
Than through this unfeeling screen.
But I am far too scared and weary
And you care far too little
To even take the time to find this piece.

He Who

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