Words and Their Ways

I look back and scroll up conversations we used to share
Where words we said didn’t make much sense
But we got each other, anyways.
These days, our words drip with logic
But we can’t make head or tail of the sounds that leave
Our mouths.

The only thing I remember is the way we used to laugh at things
Just the two of us shared
Like the pastries we’d buy,
The muffins that left our hands sticky
Under the summer sun.
But all of that’s gone
And I never see more than just glimpses of your shadow these days.
Where have you gone? When you left me
You took a piece of me with you. Theft is a crime
And I’d love to report it
But I’m secretly hoping that the piece of me you stole
Will one day find its way back to me,
Bringing you with it.

Words and Their Ways

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