Wing, Wing (Days Pass)

It’s like color has left my eyes-
People have been telling me that I’ve lost the color in my cheeks these days.
Maybe it’s a side effect of losing someone you love.
You’re not dead
But you might as well be,
Because the difference is the same
(As paradoxial as that may seem,)
And in the end it’s always me losing you.

Love is for lovers
And I’m here just a loser in more ways than one-
With every bleak day that passes
I wish to be back in the past.
But days keep passing
And life keeps losing color.
Maybe gray isn’t too bad,
I tell myself.
Maybe color was the luxury I always lived with.
But I wish, and I bitterly do so,
That I had never seen the sun rise with all its majesty.
For those colors have long since left my sight
But they will never leave my memory.
Perhaps I will live in search of someone
Who can bring back the colors of majesty
Once more.

Wing, Wing (Days Pass)

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