Cake And Coffee

The Cake is sweet
And the Coffee is bitter,
And the way that the two flavors mix
Hit me with irony
(Like a metal bat).

It’s so perfect about the way I feel about you
Because to say it in the classiest way-
I fucking hate you,
But at the same time,
I can’t stop checking to see
When you’ve last talked to me.
I am the most bitter
And sour,
Boiling over with nothing but
Hatred and anger
For you,
Sans cream and
Sugar and
The stuff that negates me.

But at the same time I know
The cake is there if I want it,
But like people addicted to meth and cocaine
And the fun drugs that kill,
I know that if I keep reaching for the sugar
Once it runs out,
The coffee will be the most bitter
It has ever been.
I would rather drink
Sinful brew
Wash it down with things that
Overpower the truth.

Cake And Coffee

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