If You Are The One Meant To Read This, You Will Understand The Lyrics I Write In This Poem

If you are the one
Whom I shared these lyrics with
Once upon a time ago,
Then you will realize
The meanings
And feelings
Behind these words.

Here’s verses for you
“That’s just who I am this week.”
Here’s to hoping that you’ll wake up in a cold sweat
Waiting for the “Last good thing
About this town.”
Through the “notches in bedposts”
And “lines in songs”
I wonder if this summer will be the antithesis
Of last year.

How can I love so much
When I’ve lost so much?
How can I still listen to the same songs
With the same feelings?
Maybe it’s true that
“Seasons change,
But people don’t”-
Lyrics are the only things that remain the same
Though the meanings behind them might not.
Maybe this is the slow dance I never got at winter formal-
These last words of goodbye
Written in the lyrics of the songs we once used to share.
But like the “Bridges we have burned”
“Light our way home”-
Once we go forward
There’s no going back.

As if the ground crumbles beneath us as we walk
Further and further apart,
The paths we choose may once again intersect.
“Did you ever love her,
Do you know?”
I’m sure that you just
“Never wanted to be alone”
When all I wanted was for us to be
“Alone Together.”

“I don’t care what you think
As long as it’s about me,”
And I just want to see “the dirt under your skin.”
You call me dishonest but I have shown you everything that I am
When you have given me nothing but false hopes to cling on to
Like the air I breathe.

Some day I know
You’ll lie on that bed of yours and look up
At your plain ceiling and remember me
“As I was, not as I am.”
You’ll remember that you
Were “half doomed”
And that I was
But the “truth- hurts worse,
Than anything I
Could ever do
To you.”

“Last year’s wishes”
Will never be apologies
Because my feelings were true
And although you never gave me room to be open hearted
I was far more
Than “you let me” be.

“I’m coming
Apart at the seams”
But there’s no way that I
Could forget the way you
Let me down-
“But that’s your thing,”
I guess.
It makes me less sore to remember that
We never did connect in the way we could’ve
Because it wasn’t me closing off my chances;
It was you refusing to take them.

“I’ll miss missing you
Now and then”
But like my “favorite record”
You’re always playing on repeat
To the point where I’d kill
“For a few minutes more.”

There’s nothing wrong with reminiscence
But I ask,
Knowing that time merely brings pain;
Why to God do I always pray for
“One more yesterday?”

If You Are The One Meant To Read This, You Will Understand The Lyrics I Write In This Poem

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