The city glows brightly
And tonight,
The stars come out to join
The twinkling lights of
The streets.
We take in breaths of the night
Like tiny shards of ice
That reach our hearts
And threaten to freeze.
But we know-
As we hold hands in the dark,
That nothing can truly reach us.

The city ambiance seems to fade into
Background noise
And we forget where we are for just a moment.
It’s only a moment,
But for that second,
We could’ve been anywhere in the universe.
But it doesn’t matter to us because we know
That we will always be together.

The street signs tell us to wait,
And wait we do
For we’re in no rush to reach our destination.
Little butterfly kisses
And whispers lost in the roar of traffic
Tie together the night completely,
Like the last few dregs of hot cocoa
On a cold winter evening.


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