My eyes see a lot
But sometimes,
There are things that the heart sees
That the eyes fail to.

Who says that there are five senses
That we base reality off of?
Things left unheard and unseen
Still remain as strong as ever,
Like the way that the sun rises without fail.
How can you tell me to believe in miracles
That you’ve never seen?
Faith is brought through heart
As much as love is.

But this is where I might be conpletely wrong
And yet completely right,
Maybe things that we believe in without seeing
Never exist in the first place.
Like people that we never see again after trading numbers
And promising to call every night,
Maybe we just believe in things that we can’t see
Just to keep ourselves easy through the night.

This is where Faith comes in
And this is where I wish faith never was-
Because without it,
I’d have one less reason to think about you
As days pass.
Thanks for nothing and thanks for everything,
Because sometimes
Believing makes all the difference-
Chasing mirages is what gets us out
And going.


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