One word
Is all it takes
To end things for good.
Take the promises you couldn’t keep
And fold them into cranes
To send me off on
One last wish.

The two fingers you used to hold cigarettes between
Now hold nothing but empty air-
The ashes you used to flick off
Remind me of us,
Reduced to naught but dust and
The faint trace
Of cigarette smoke.

There was nothing wrong about puppy love
But reality doesn’t favor such gaiety.
We grow up and shed feathers that keep us warm
In favor of ones that help us fly.
And fly we did, away from each other.
You and I share nothing but history
In a world that does not honor such contracts.

I still climb the rickety trellis
That leads to the roof of my house.
How many sunsets have we shared?
I wonder,
Are you looking at the same dying of the sun
Reminiscing about the death of us?
I lose count of time in thoughts of you
And I am only left feeling bruised,
Splinters reminding me of
The nagging pain
That missing you


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