Love for the Loveless

Keep me in your arms
Like a promise you’d die to keep.
All I want is to cherish and to be cherished
Like the dead buried with gold coins
Under their tongues
To pay for rite of passage.

Miss me sorely
Like the last train that takes you home.
We’d be so much than empty milk bottles
At the side of the road.
And even those have worth-
Five cents of California Redemption,
Just what I need.

Love should be for the loveless
And writing should be for the ones
Who never get letters.
Take this like a contract
Without the fine print.

Love for the Loveless

79 thoughts on “Love for the Loveless

  1. I love “and writing should be for the ones who never get letters.” What a thoughtful and amazing point! Writing for me is therapeutic, best done in the solitude of my own mind and space. Love it!


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  2. Hey, I really enjoyed your piece!
    I just started my blog yesterday in order to chase my dreams of becoming a writer, do you think you could follow me and take a look? Any feedback would be great too! Much appreciated!

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  3. apandawithglasses says:

    I adore the title and the deep feelings that come with the poem. I like how it’s short but to the perfect length to be able to express what you want or need to. I am going to “cherish” this poem, keep writing! The simple but attractive format of your blog makes me want to read more so I’m going to do that now. Also I love the snow…I want snow on my page too :)

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