Everything You Are

Remind me of the time we used to
Like millionares with money made
Of the sand from the hourglass of Time.

I still have polaroids of the time we
Stayed up all night to talk about life
And what it meant to each of us.
But of course,
That was back then-
When things really didn’t matter.
I suppose your views have changed?

Because these days
All we do is stare and wait
As time runs out on us
Like a date gone bad.
But who can I blame but me
And you?

Suppose that we went back to
Twenty twelve.
Back when we had nothing but
To stop
I still think of the way you stared at me from across the room
And I remember the way it wasn’t me
The second time around.

I never seem to have much luck with you
Yet even the Fates always bring us together.
Either we are tough love or destined
And we just have to figure out-
Which of the two?

Everything You Are

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