Remind Me Of

You remind me of
Stolen kisses and
Fake resorts
In the dead of summer.

You remind me of
The way the light filters through leaves
In the heart of the forest.

You remind me of
Forgotten bets and
The sound of metal on metal.

You remind me of
Trying too hard and
Stale cookies.
Leftover tea leaves and
Broken mirrors.
Staying up too late and
Regretting not taking a chance.
Forgetting appoinments
And taking pictures of chain link fences.
Trespassing at midnight,
Dances at four,
Afternoon snacks.
Thai milk tea and
Fading laughter.
Falling asleep on someone else’s shoulder
And lyrics to songs I’ll never forget.
Strong chlorine and
Longboarding at the beach.

You remind me of
Losing everything.
Finding myself.

Remind Me Of

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