Only She

Writes on the bottom of her
Worn down shoes,
Lyrics that she loves.
For she is the
“Metaphorical girl”
In the “metaphysical world”
That you miss
And miss out on.

She writes your name
On the inside of her palms
Which she folds into prayer,
Prayer for you.
For she cares
More than she should,
More than you do
For her.

And once she leaves,
Becoming one with the stars,
You can call her name into the deep night sky,
Only for your voice to be lost
Into the abyss that is the
Night Sky.

Only then will you know.
She was there for you
When you are not,
And like Jupiter she
Will tower above you once more,
The place,
The girl,
That you can never reach.

Only She

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