Apple & Jasmine

I remember the time we spent
Together but alone,
Like we couldn’t make head or tail
Of what the other said.
I remember that day
You shared with me a drink
That would remind me
Of a first kiss.
And when I told you that,
You laughed.
But still, I think of that drink,
Of apple and jasmine
And I think to myself-
“That is the feeling
Of after a first kiss.”

I cannot help but wonder-
Did my statement
Make the taste to you
All the more bitter?
For perhaps
You were reminded of love
You had lost,
But I
Was simply thinking
Ahead to the future.

I did not love you then
And yet I do not love you now,
But in some way I still care.
Thinking of Apple and Jasmine.

Apple & Jasmine

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