Obligatory Apology

In finding the right song to inspire
My spiel of imagination
And feelings long forgotten,
I stumbled upon songs we
Used to share.
And though the lyrics have not changed
I find that I have.
Perhaps, as these words hold different meaning
You hold different meaning for me as well.
For when I say your name
The feeling is different,
Not gone,
But different,
Like warped mirrors tinted rosé and
Losing the ability to communicate with just a glance,
We have gone our separate ways.

Perhaps I feel melancholy not over losing you
But over losing me.
For in the process of losing you
I lost a bit of myself too,
The innocence, the romantic, the
Part of myself I could not revive.
Looking back,
What I miss more than you
Is myself.
Feelings are negligible
But I am not.
And when I think of you
I merely think of

Obligatory Apology

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