Cheaters and Liars

When my first boyfriend
Broke my heart, I knew I would meet
Old women with cheating husbands
Who would cluck their tongues and say
Is life.”

For the girls who
Find validation in boys who will never love anything about you other than
Your curves and angles,
I tell you,
You are worth
So much more than glances and
Dollars and
Sweet nothings.

Heartbreak is merely the means
To an end. Take this as
Step one of being reborn
For it is impossible to fix
Something broken, but
It is so much easier to make it
Something better.

Love your imperfections and
The way you stumble on words and feelings and
Cracks in the sidewalk.
There is more to love than
Him loving you.
There is more to you
Than what he thinks.
There is more to you
Than you even know

Cheaters and Liars

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