Logistics (D.A.T.A.)

You crunch numbers
That never seem to quite come out right.
Blame the data
And never yourself,
Because of course,
When are you ever wrong?

When it comes to feelings
You’re so blind and yet
You insist on your authority on this matter.
It’s not me,
It’s you,
And the girls who run
Don’t “misunderstand”, they
See the shadows under your eyes
And behind you.

When it comes to feelings,
One plus one
Never really equals two.
Take time out of logic and
Open your heart a little.
You’ve gone to the negative spectrum
And I don’t think you can add yourself out.

Logic can only ever take you halfway
When it comes to dealing with people.
Since we’re more than numbers,
How about mixing it up
Once in a while?

Logistics (D.A.T.A.)

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