Playlist 23

Sorrow is relative,
Like time and distance and
I listen to the same 23 songs on repeat
Just to make myself feel a little more relatable.

I wish we never met, but
Don’t take it personally, I just think
That I’m not meant for anyone.
I’m either too lonely or too sweet to
Love anyone the same.
People tend to hurt me
More than I could ever hurt myself, with
Feelings that lacerate past the dermis.

Sad songs know how I feel
And justify my in my moods.
They know what’s good for me
And what I’ve been going through.
For every moment of self-hate
There is one small moment of understanding
Within these lyrics.

23 (Sad)
Knows how I feel.
The only thing that carries me over weekends of declined parties and
Solitary confinement.

Playlist 23

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