If I Could

Some nights
I stare up at the
Glow-in-the-dark stars plastered to my ceiling
And roll over
To see my digital clock
Shift its digits,
And let out a sigh
That would break anyone else’s heart.

Sometimes its too hard
To fix broken people.
Maybe I just need to start over
As a new person once again.
In the quiet of my mind
I keep my peace and think.
Was it real? If I could
I’d tell you everything on my mind right now.
How I tried so hard
And how much I care,
Present tense.

Maybe regret will settle in
In the morning when I wake up
Wishing that tonight never happened.
But there’s only so far back you can go
In the plane of reality.

I’m all cried out
And I suppose you have retired to bed,
As I fail to do now.
Faith has never been my strong suit,
But how can I believe in anything when God has never
If I could, I
Would let you know:
Are the one person that can fix this,
But I know I can
Never bring myself.
But wishful thinking,
If I Could.

If I Could

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