I hope you read this

I’d love to know you still try to keep up with me
Even if you ultimately couldn’t—
(That’s why we broke up.)
But I know deep inside
That there are greater things waiting for you,
Girls that actually are perfect
In the ways you think they are,
And dreams from the future that
Come down and become your realities.

You know I only write about people who break me
And yet, here you are
In a poem written just for you.
I still spend time trying to reconnect to someone with
Faulty wires and broken static.
Maybe it’s all a game that
I’m willing to lose.
But what man is not destined to fall?

Like being Luvsic
(Part 6)
I’m already finding identity again
In memories of you that branch to two years ago
And extend to ten years later.
But I’ve never really been good at letting go
Although people always let go of me
When I need them the most.
I guess that’s one of my faults
That I cover up in arrogance and deflection.

I’m always here for you
Though you’ll slowly stop being here for me.
And that thought
Fills me to the brim with melancholy.

I cry too easily, you once told me.
It’s only when my feelings overflow, to be honest. And thinking about you
And how I feel
Gives me the impetus to cry just one more time.
I thought I was over it
And I thought I would be fine.
But these tears confirm what I tried so hard to suppress these past few days,
The fact that
Although you don’t,
I care.

I hope you read this

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