It all started with falling in love with someone I wasn’t supposed to.
By breaking the rules,
I lost a lover.
And in losing a lover,
I lost a friend.
Feelings once shared have dwindled down to
Less than a single word a day,
And all the words of
All the other boys
Do nothing to fill the missing piece you left
When you left me.
Their words and
Compliments and
Stick and flutter off like
Leaves in a monsoon:

What used to be friendship has now
Turned into a memory of someone that once used to be close
With me.
Sorrow comes in many forms and shapes
And I never saw one as attractive as you.
It’s haunting and bittersweet all the same. But yet again I
Have no time for sympathy and consolation, yet
I always seem to find myself with time for you.
And yet you never seem to find excuses to talk to me anymore.
But when has there ever been a need for excuses
Until now? I find myself tracing steps that we used to take, reliving conversations
That will never happen again.
I’m a slave to the past, a victim of
Feeling trafficking.

And yet there is something so satisfying about being hurt.


4 thoughts on “Mistakes

  1. “And yet there is something so very satisfying about being hurt” I was once there and I’m a sucker for love so for me that just means like at least I was in love at some point and it was real and it was good! I loved this post!! Maybe you can take a look at my new blog I started recently and I’d be happy to exchange likes on posts we actually like of eachothers and a follow

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