Understanding is Half

Sometimes you learn that
The things you want may not be
The right ones for you.
But it will always be
The love you never forget,
The love that makes all others irrelevant.

Moving on takes time
And it’s the one thing I don’t have.
Maybe that’s why I’m still torn up
Although I look fine.
You can’t really practice getting blindsided
And you can’t patch up holes
That aren’t ready to be mended.

You were the exception
And I am the first.
Perhaps as an exception
I’ll let it go early this time,
If I had time to spend.
But then perhaps I’d use my
Shooting stars and seconds on you,
Like taking the needle back to the wrist
Because you can’t detach that morphine drip you once had.

You were for me
What I wanted to be for you.
But things never really quite work out how you want them to,
And you can’t rehearse the end
Without starting from the beginning.
But even if we go back,
Something will be different, like
The lights a little dustier
The feelings a little muddier
The words a little
More dishonest and careful.

In closing the curtains
You closed my heart.
Something between us will never be the same
Like a clock taken apart and put back together
With a couple of gears missing.
Working, but not really,
Talking, but not really,
But not really.

Understanding is Half

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