I never really told you much
For fear of driving us apart.
But it happened anyways, like the inevitable wilting of
The corsage I wore to last year’s winter formal.
Are all meant to die
And so
Were our feelings.

There are things I’d say to you
Here and honest
For I know you never take the time to read these anyways.
Jealousy is nonexistent
Because now,
I write for myself.
Feelings, after all,
Are more overrated
Than understated.

You never were truly mine,
Were you?
There are a million ways to show love
And all of it came from the wrong people.
Boys with
Red cars and
Consoling smiles
Lit up my day
With lights tinged a little blue.
Boys that asked for my number
Got nothing more than a single digit,
While you never even asked
For a minute of my day.
The boy that lets me
Borrow his books and
Asks me how my day went
Has come to matter more than you.
Isn’t it sad?

I can always fix the cracks
With boys,
Boys that try to kiss me
And love me
When I never even ask.
Why try to bring the moon a little closer
When connections to it
Don’t even exist?
Without a fire
Gasoline is just another liquid.
And I miss that about you,
How we could talk about
Things and
Dreams and

Boys are nothing more than
Games to be played.
Am I relapsing?
Still these days I am called ice queen
And I feel it again.
I light fires to warm myself
As I watch them burn.
If you love me
You will burn for me.
And I will stay on my throne of ice
And call it a day.
And still they burn for me
With passion and drive and love and
With every fibre of their being.
But you
Never have.

It’s sad to say that
The dead will never rise
And this
Is where I show you my feelings.
I think that it’s time for me to leave
And move on.
When you see me with
More than just a friend
It’s no longer your right
To get angry.
Has it ever been? You
Never gave yourself to me
In ways that I have.
Thank you for not caring,
I’ll never call again.
This is where I draw the line again
From friends and lovers.
Take your side of the line
And leave.
Because I’m already long gone.


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