Break me down
Like last year’s forgotten love.
I remember this friday
He waved to me
With the smile of the boy
I once knew
And loved.

I remember him as more than a friend,
In that place of ambiguity of
Flirting and not really mine.
But he
Has changed.

But that smile
Of pure appreciation
“I remember you
And what you meant to me
And I’d love it back”
Meant to me more
Than it should’ve.

I wonder why? He
Had been gone and over and done with
Since the beginning of this year.
But with that smile came memories of
Shared drinks at 2AM and
Playlists made just for me and
Inside jokes made of crying laughter and
Holding hands
But not really.

I wonder if he remembers those moments too.

But for me, they have lost their zing
Like flat soda or balloons
Half deflated.
I loved him so
And he never would admit.
I remember the way we
Looked up at the moon
In the summer before last.

Am I missing those times?


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