This Isn’t Goodbye

Missing you
Is just a side effect of moving on.
And yet
We haven’t really finished
What we’ve started.

This may not be goodbye
But this is where we part our ways.
We used to spend so much time together
And now it has been reduced to nothing, like
Candles melted all the way down
To where even the wick doesn’t show anymore.

I’d love to be loved
And so many boys do it better.
But for some reason you stick in my heart
Like the labels on international shipping,

The best part of leaving you behind is
Leaving me behind as well.
I never really came to terms with how
Broken I can get.
I’ll nestle you in
With all the pieces of me,
Don’t get cut.
But I cannot guarantee that
I’ll be over it before you.

This isn’t goodbye
Because I’m not ready to leave.
But one day
You’ll be looking up at the night sky with me
And wishing to go back
To when I still loved you.
Don’t regret it
Two years to late,
Second chances are
Hard to come by.
And even though I gave it to you
There’s only so much you can take
All in one go.
When our hands are barely touching
And I look deep into the eyes of
Another boy-turned-friend-turned-lover,
Remember this:
It isn’t goodbye
Until it is too late.

This Isn’t Goodbye

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