Forgetting Fate

I am falling for you all over again
Like I was twelve
And you were too,
Like the year we met and the
Red envelopes you gave me
That I still have.
I know you don’t remember
But how can I
Forget fate?

I’m flipping through the pages
And there are pictures of us together,
You looking awkward
In that sixth grader way of yours,
And me, smiling.
Now on my phone
There are similar pictures
From two years ago—
Same boy,
Same girl,
Awkward smile.
Shame that the same feelings
Never really lasted.

The summer of my freshman year
Still tastes like you
And the bubble tea
We shared.
I keep going back to that moment
Because it was the moment that broke me.

I remember
Staying together in libraries
Not really talking but
Sharing music
Until I’d glance up at you
Only to see that you were glancing at me, too—
Locking eyes
And looking away,
The blush betraying both of our feelings
As you frantically changed the song
Into something less romantic.

Every moment still holds its meaning
And the colors might be a little faded
But I still remember them all.
The way you laugh
And your favorite color,
The things we hold
In common.

Maybe time has changed
And so have you.
But these feelings really haven’t,
You know.

It’s hard to articulate
What goes on in my mind
When we’ve got chemistry
(In period 1)
But no reasons to talk.

Forgetting Fate

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