LDR (Wasn’t Even)

I assume we’re over
For we’ve no reason to talk anymore.

I looked up at the sky tonight
And for once it didn’t remind me of you.
All it did was
Make me a little sadder
Because I wanted to tell you so many things,
But the timing
Just wasn’t right.

You’ll find yourself another person to love
But fuck you.
I’ll say it here now that I’m over it (but not really)
And because I’m more anger than regret.

All I wanted was to talk
And even friends manage that much.
We’re over because
You never liked me in the way
I needed you to.
We’re over because
I tried to make it work
And you never cared.
You say you do,
But not enough
Because then obviously,
I wouldn’t be here
Writing angry shit,
Would I?

We’re just not
Meant to be.
You’re irrational and stressed
And what I need isn’t you.
I many want you now
But don’t look for me when it’s
Too late and you realize
You missed out on someone
That really, truly loved you.
Sure, go ahead and
Try your best to take me back.
I’m already moved on and over it
Because you’re nothing to me now.
Late night calls have never been our thing
And neither will any parts and attempts
At pathetic friendship.

I tried, I really did
And I think you know this, too.
You’ll regret it, again
And you know this, as well.
But you know,
Maybe you need to find out what exactly you fucking stand for
And who you really love
Because without that,
You’ll always be looking for me.
But I hate you.

You’ve never needed me
And you never even pretended too.
For the honesty?
I’m unsure of what to say
Except for this:
Don’t come looking for me anymore
Because I’m done and over you.

LDR (Wasn’t Even)

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