Scenario: Rain

We stare at each other across the table
Of the hostile library room.
Is the motto,
And for once,
I am glad to listen.

I play with your fingers, tracing the back of your hand in little swirls.
You look like you want to pull away.
And I know you want to.
But you don’t.
Because you
Are scared to lose me for good?

The sky turns a couple shades darker
And I meet eyes with the reflection of you
In the window that we sit next to.
“God, perhaps—”
I think.
But there’s no room for wishes
Although the room between us
Would probably suffice.

As soon as I gather courage to talk
Bell rings.
Thirty minutes isn’t enough to talk about
Two weeks of miscommunication.
You jump up,
Happy to leave.
Weren’t the one that wanted to talk, anyways.

But today was just like yesterday
Which was like the day before.
We were together
Without really being

When could I stop being
Half satisfied?

Scenario: Rain

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