Scenario: Silence

We are here again
In the secret place we found for ourselves, where we were
Almost caught almost kissing
Many, many times.

The rain has made this place a little less dusty
And although we appreciate the cleanliness,
Something isn’t the same.
We have made it a little less familiar
By creating unnecessary rifts between us.
This isn’t the same place we once knew
And the silence between us is new
Because we, as people, and therefore our feelings,
Have changed.

The extra inch between us seems like an eternity
And the minutes of silence that pass seem like miles.
But every misplaced word and misspoken phrase reminiscent of past times together
Spells disaster,
Bringing silence in its wake.
We’ve put too much thought into this and yet not enough.

Maybe trying was the wrong thing to do.

Scenario: Silence

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