Kites and That Old Place

The city I loved
Never changes,
From the way the stores are aligned
(Office suplies, then next is a clothing store)
To the way the “O” on the fourth building down
Always seems to be out.

But I seem to have changed
For although my head and heart remember
There never seems to be room enough
For another memory.

This place I loved
And the people within it
Remind me of the way my quiet neighborhood echoed
With the sound of my footsteps
Walking back from the mailbox
To my house.

The time I got the kite too high
And got it stuck in the updraft
Is how I feel now.
Too involved to let go
And yet with no reason to keep holding on.
But whatever comes up
Come down.

Perhaps I am in that stage of falling.

Kites and That Old Place

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