Fairytales and Bad Analogies

It all ends
But never with happy ever after,
Smiles become
Just another way to say sorry.
Is it bad that
Life gets a little less bright without you around anymore?
Like being at a party
And drinking to show courtesy
When in fact, no one is even looking
And you do it just to feel better all on your own.

Analogies have never really made me feel relatable
In the way that they always should.
It’s hard to turn up the volume these days
Without blowing the speakers, and yet
That kind of reminds me of how we are now,
We don’t hear each others’ voices because
There’s one wire that refuses to connect,
Like sending me to voicemail
Even though you’re still my
Speed dial 8.

Maybe the problem is that I find myself relating to things
That shouldn’t even make sense.
Because I guess,
I don’t make sense either.

Fairytales and Bad Analogies

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