Birthdays Pt. 2

He hates his birthday
Because he hates himself
And yet perhaps it is not himself
But people that never knew how to show him love
In the way he sought out.
For maybe if he looked
Just a little more
He would find more than candles and cake.

The fact that we
Celebrate your birth
Means that we as the people who love you
Bless the day you were born
In the same way we
Bless the day that you
Walked into our lives.
In the same way
You look for the wrong kind of love
In all the wrong people.
Step back a little
And you will see that we love you.
That I love you.
That you are looking for not love
But unhealthy infatuation
And something chaotic.

But love is here
If you were to find it.

Birthdays Pt. 2

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