Friend Pt. 2

Honey, I know
But in this day and age
Free Love has become
Something taboo
In the hands of the capitalist nation.
We pay for our sins
And our struggles
And our love.

Everyone looks
With eyes sixteen
With minds twelve
And make assumptions
That no one likes to follow through
In proving.
I’d love to share love
But they say you must pay a price
And that price comes for me in
Letters of recommendation
And my future.

One day
We will reunite
And the first thing I will do
Is kiss you on the cheek
As nothing more than a friend.
And by that time
We will be in a place where
No one looks twice at a
Friendly hug and a
Loving kiss.
For these days are hard
And with the failing economy
Love becomes hard to afford.
But one day I believe
That this
Will be better.

Friend Pt. 2

4 thoughts on “Friend Pt. 2

    1. Sure. I’d say that I’m not too successful, actually. I think the most important thing is to have fun and blog from the heart. I only write things because I want to, not because I want followers or likes. Also, you should tag your posts (maybe only 4-5 tags at a time) to reach the people that you want to be heard by. Good luck and have fun blogging! Cheers to your success!

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