I told myself to never fall in love
For what glass likes to be shattered to pieces?
Warmth was not the only thing I wanted to share
When I lay on that hill with you
Late after sneaking out,
Summer skies burned black
Like fairytales turned to ashes.
I turned to face you
With the moon looking down on us
Hiding its blush
Behind the clouds that held the
Empty threat of rain.

And you took my hands in yours
And kissed each finger
Like a promise you would die to keep,
Like I myself
Was someone for whom you
Would die to keep.
And when you looked back at me that night
I should’ve seen there was something missing
From your eyes
That failed to reflect the sky.

But I told myself that
If I were to break
It would be
For you.
That night
I can never forget the way you tasted, the way
The warning signs made me fall even more like
You were a soul in need of saving.
As if I needed you,
Wanted you,
More than I needed me.


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