3. Abbreviation

I’d like to believe in something that means forever
But even the word itself comes to an end.
Infinity is intangible,
For we learn in class that
Anything that reaches for infinity
Never exists.

Why don’t they teach us things
That matter? Like
Romantic poetry and
How To Love Someone,
Make it a damn AP class
And grade us on the amount of pain
We can goddamn take.
I’d probably pass,
Sixteen years has taught me a lot.

There is no point to logic nor emotion
Because they never lead you anywhere great.
What am I to do when
My heart pulls me Northbound
And my mind pulls me
Maybe if I am pulled hard enough
I’ll become nebulous and insignificant again,
Broken down to
Who I was when I was two,
Innocent love and
Nothing more than a wish for hopeful good.

Love has a way of
Tearing you apart
And scattering the pieces like
The rice they throw at weddings.

3. Abbreviation

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